Friday, 7 March 2014


Today was my Commonwealth Games volunteer training. I'm not allowed to say too much. I can't tell you about the uniform - but I will reveal it looks wearable and we get a water bottle, a bag and an umbrella - ooops, that might be too much info, so don't tell anyone.

It was fun to be part of it. Lots of razzamatazz and a goody bag to take away. Next stop is Role Specific training. I'm in Press Ops and I'm not sure if this means that I have to perfect the art of making a cup of tea for our friends from the newspapers whilst maintaining a smile, or something else. I'll have to wait until May 22nd to find out.

I checked on the Commonwealth Games website and, in spite of telling us we weren't supposed to say anything, they've put the uniform up themselves! So if you go to this link you'll be able to see what I'll be wearing come Games time.


  1. And jolly smart you're all going to look too.

  2. or boring? or stupid with the silly cap? Oh well, we'll have to wait and see until we're called to go get them.