Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A day of celebrations

Today is Mountain Man's birthday. He's 63 years old and on Saturday is doing a 33 mile run in Aberdeenshire. He's now saying marathon distance is wuss distance... though he might well have a different story to tell after the event!

And 6 months ago today Odi was born. So here's a pic of the two of them taken this morning:

And here's Odi's 6 month portrait, which I think is absolutely gorgeous:

Come back tomorrow and you'll get a coffee plant update, which I can tell you already will not be a long post!


  1. Onwards, furtherwards, it should be 63 miles really. She's looking like a dog and not a puppy anymore.

    1. 33 sounds like more than enough to me! Hope it goes smoothly and you had a great birthday.

  2. Happy birthday MM. I agree with the marathon distance being for wusses. Ahem.
    Odi is beautiful. Lovely portrait.