Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A lovely mention

I've had another bout of unwellness this week, but the good thing about that is it's given me the chance to read.

I managed to finish 'Disobedience' by Naomi Alderman and 'One Plus One' by Jojo Moyes. I thoroughly enjoyed both.

I'm now reading 'Mindless Eating: Why we eat more than we think' by Brian Wansink. Not because I eat too much, tho I do have to admit to mindlessly eating sometimes, but because it's got some fascinating facts about how people are manipulated by brands, appearance and parental habits (yes, looks like us poor parents getting blamed again). I was told about this book while coming back from my Commonwealth Games Training by another volunteer and given the book cost £2 I thought I'd give it a go.

Today Odi and I went off to Berwick-upon-Tweed to meet up with fellow puppy walker Sally and the lovely Glen. I hadn't seen them for about a month and I hadn't realise just how much Odi has grown in that time. She's now taller than Glen, who's a month older than her. She's turning into a proper dog now and looks less and less puppyish by the day. We had a lovely time with the dogs racing along the town walls and then off to a cafe to do a spot of puppy training... better known as having a cuppa and a natter while the dogs lie down quietly under the table.

Tomorrow is Edinburgh and then Friday is meeting day before I head off to London this weekend to spend Mother's Day with my mother and my brother and his wife and then go to a meeting on Monday morning.

Oh yes... and before I forget I want to tell you that I had a wonderful mention from Nicola Morgan in her 2nd newsletter. She made my little pocket book on stress her non-fiction book of the month and this is what she said: 

Start to Stress Less by Dr Vee Freir
START to Stress Less is a little book with big power. It shows how to reduce unwanted stress in five easy, effective steps. As a reviewer said, "Dr Freir doesn't take 200 words to say what can be said in 20 words. She just says 20 words. Her advice does not require you to go into a special room each day (who has time for that?). You can use her advice right in the middle of your worry and anxiety and bring it to an end in a way that leads you to solution to what is worrying you. Absolutely brilliant." And I completely agree. I am not a fan of many self-help books as I often find them patronising or unnecessarily waffly. This is neither.

At £4.95 (+P&P) this is stunningly good value and would be helpful to teenagers as well as adults. You can buy it here and no, I'm not on commission and yes, I did buy my own copy!

If you want to read the newsletter you have to sign up for it and you can do so here if you're interested.

And of course if you want to buy a copy of my book then get in touch by going to this link.


  1. Wonderful promotion of your book! How lovely to get such acknowledgement.
    Hope the London trip goes well.

    1. Ah yes... hours on the train to spend more hours biting my tongue and gritting my teeth. Should be great ;)