Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Shopping not dropping

Yesterday, after the 'shower incident' at Lizzie's and prior to the meeting I was due to chair in Inverness in the afternoon, I decided, instead of work that should be done, I'd take a look around my old stamping ground instead.

I have my mother's 90th birthday party coming up in four weeks and have been thinking about possibly buying something new. At breakfast Lizzie also just happened to drop into the conversation that on a Tuesday morning in Inverness, it would be unlikely that the Personal Shopper in Debenham's would be busy, and I'm afraid that peeked my interest. I've never done anything like that before.

Well... what a revelation! Liz, the Experienced Personal Debenham's Shopper (that's what it said on her name tag), was wonderful! She and I wandered about picking up garments that we thought might do and off I trotted to the dressing up area to try them all on, while she scouted about for even more.

Interestingly, all the things she chose were ones I'd never have picked for myself usually and yet those were the ones that definitely were the better options. She even went off to scout for a pair of ankle boots to try on (not to buy) so I could see what the dresses might look like without the pink sock effect. I ended up buying a purple, very grown-up, fitted dress for the grand price of £22.50. I did also buy a black jacket that I took a fancy to, which was a trifle more expensive, but what a great way to shop.

My bargain dress

What with the 'shower incident' in the morning and then the afternoon meeting, I really appreciated those couple of stress-free hours in the day. And £22.50... what can I say?

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