Saturday, 2 February 2013

Games night at ours

It was our turn to host games night last night. Our dear friends, Shirley and Andy, came round to eat, drink, be merry and, of course, play games.

We started well. Team Trivial Pursuit - won by us girls; QI - won (rather unbelievably) by me; and then on to Wii to use up some of the calories gained by the food and drink we managed to consume.

Bowling was our starting point, which Shirley and Andy tied for top spot, then me, and Mountain Man coming last. Then we decided on Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2011. And here is where everything went rather pear-shaped.

Apart from taking about 20 minutes to get our golf identities, Andy's controller decided to have a life of it's own. Part of me wondered whether it was because he'd chosen to be Ian Poulter, who'd had a recent spat with Johnny Miller of NBC after said Johnny Miller accused Ian Poulter of taking too long to take a putt, and this jinxed Andy's chances, but suffice it to say it took us ages to finish 9 holes (which Shirley won, followed by me, and Andy and MM coming equal last), followed by an 'interesting' half hour or so of trying to work out whose controller's belonged to whom.

All I can say was I was very relieved when my head finally hit my pillow at around 1.30 in the morning. As always with Shirley and Andy, it was a fun night, in spite of the trauma of 'controller-gate'.

Oh yes, and if you're looking for a very nice bottle of red wine, I can highly recommend Finca Los Principes El Rihuelo Rioja 2011, two bottles of which were in a box of wine my mother gave me for Christmas and which I was saving for the right moment. Not one drop was left by the time the night was over. Yum. Happily have that one again.

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