Thursday, 24 January 2013

Judge Vee

A few months ago, the magazine I do book reviews for was asking for readers to be judges in the 2013 Melissa Nathan Award for Fiction about Life and Love. I applied and was told I'd be emailed in due course to let me know if I was going to be needed. I never heard anything and, to be completely honest, had totally forgotten about it. So imagine my surprise when a rather large packet was dropped off by our postman yesterday and inside were 3 novels and instructions for judgely duties, which have to be completed by 8th March.

Although a little taken aback by the suddenness of this, I'm rather pleased and I have to say I feel most encouraged, especially as, unlike the reviews I usually do where I have to finish the books even if I'm not enjoying them, we've been explicitly told the following: 'If you get to chapter 2 and you're not enjoying it and it hasn't made you laugh, then it obviously isn't the winner; so stop reading and throw it away/use it to prop up a wonky table'. Isn't that great!

I am now sworn to secrecy about the actual novels I've been given and not even allowed to tell you what grading I'm giving any of them.

My lips are therefore sealed, I'm staying stum and you'll never hear anything more about it.

The end.


  1. Congratulations your honour! Lips sealed and staying stum, mmmmm I could comment but probably better not. :)

    1. And that, Mr R, is the right thing to do!