Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A wonderful start

In my view, there's nothing better than bringing in the new year with close, lovely friends.

We had such a fab time and it wasn't even marred by the disappearance of Mountain Man, who was called out by the Search and Rescue team to go look for someone who'd been mislaid at Glentress just before half past seven. Off he went and returned over 2 hours later with the person having been found before MM had managed to get there. He had to go home to get his kit before heading off to Glentress and just as he approached he got the stand-down. I'm not sure if he was pleased about this or not, but luckily he got back in good time to take part in several games before the New Year was called in and the fireworks started.

I'm not the hugest fan of fireworks, but seeing them through the window in the warmth of Shirley and Andy's abode, while sipping red wine and having a New Year's kiss made me appreciate them in a new light.

And so 2013 has started. From a southern Scottish perspective it's rather good so far. A startlingly sunny, blue-skied, beautiful day and, although I find myself rather tired from last night's exertions, I'm off out for a walk with my man to take it all in before the rain starts again.

Definitely a good start. I can only hope yours was as good.


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    1. And cheers to you too, Eileen! Lots of good fortune in 2013 hopefully.