Friday, 4 January 2013

The Toblerone effect

I don't like chocolate, it's just not one of my things. However, about once every six months I have a craving for a piece and last night was such a time. I know this feeling is connected to me feeling hormonal, and this I also know gives poor Mountain Man a real chance to practice his patience.

One Christmas, many moons ago, my boys each got a Toblerone in their stocking. If my memory serves, they each ate it in one sitting, most probably before breakfast, and declared they never wanted to see another Toblerone again. Thus was born the family tradition of the boys getting a Toblerone of some sort in their stocking every year. Yes... I know... it's perverse, but there you go! This year I bought a box of lots and lots of tiny Toblerone bars, some dark, some white and some original. I noticed a 'Oh here's the Toblerone's' from the boys, but no real objections this year when they got their stockings and, as they only had six each (two of each type), there were loads left over.

So last night, when I suddenly got the urge for chocolate, there was pretty much a whole box to choose from. I decided that only the original ones would do and Mountain Man very kindly went downstairs and got me two. I ate them. For one very small moment I thought, 'Yum'... and then the reality set in. The aftertaste was disgusting! And even worse, I couldn't get to sleep and was watching films we'd taped until the wee small hours.

When I eventually did get to sleep I slept badly and woke this morning with a migraine. It took ages to be able to get up and even then only managed a shower and the taking down of the Christmas decorations and after that, I'm afraid, it was back to bed to feel sorry for myself, read my book (Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture) and watch Jason and the Argonauts.

I can ill afford a day out to feel unwell so I'm hoping this urge doesn't come about again in the foreseeable future. Mountain Man is also hoping this urge doesn't come around again soon. I'm sure you can understand his reasoning!


  1. Poor you and poor MM! I wish it had such a bad effect on me- I'd be far less tempted to eat it all.

    1. I think I have some kind of genetic abnormality. And you're right to feel sorry for poor MM...