Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A weather report

What a difference 30 miles makes.

After digging my car out of about 8 inches of snow this morning, it was time to head off for a bit of exercise in the form of badminton in Galashiels. On the way I noticed a car upside down in a field in the snow, which reminded me to drive carefully.

On the road to Galashiels
A fun hour later and home for lunch and to get myself ready to go to Edinburgh for a meeting in the afternoon. I wasn't sure what the roads would be like up there and phoned my colleague. He seemed a bit taken aback at the question.

I left home and it was -1 (at midday) and arrived 50 minutes later in a warm +4. At the side of the roads in the Borders snow is piled high (4 ft or thereabouts over the Sutra) to cross the East Lothian/Edinburgh border and the road was black as black with not even a pinch of snow to be seen.

No wonder he thought I was a bit strange to ask if parking would be an issue!

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