Monday, 2 April 2012

It's all in the timing

After an agonising weekend of doing not much at all, I'm now up and about again (albeit slowly and carefully for the next week or two) which is a huge relief.

However, what has thrown me totally this morning is a weather report that said it's going to snow this week. I can hear you all saying 'so what? we've had snow in April before' - and this is true, but not on the very day that I've arranged to have my snow tyres removed from my car and replaced with the non-snow ones.

It makes me wonder if someone somewhere is having a laugh at my expense, or rather at the expense I went to to get snow tyres in the first place that then weren't used for the whole winter using more fuel than my car would if it had it's normal tyres on (apparently) and then the very day my car is due to go in (tomorrow) snow is announced. There must be something prophetic in that. Maybe I should offer my services as a weather forecaster? Surely I can't do a worse job than the met office can I?

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