Monday, 16 April 2012

It arrived!

Here's a pic of me having just ridden my new bike for 7 miles. Yes, you read that right... 7 miles!

In the last 30 years I must've borrowed Mountain Man's bike once or twice to go on the flat for half a mile or so up the road with the boys when they were young, but that's it. I can't honestly even remember getting on one in the last 20 years (apart from when I was at Mari's last Tuesday) and yet there I was today, riding along with himself, without even breaking sweat or my legs feeling tired. It was fantastic.

There were two highlights: the first when we went up a very, very steep hill for about quarter of a mile and I was zooming along while MM was out of the saddle effing and blinding at how effortless it was for me. The second was when we passed two ladies from the village walking their dogs, who said, as I went past, how fit I was. MM, who was lagging behind at this point and not at all impressed by this, enlightened them in a rather belittling tone that I wasn't at all fit and that I had some electric help - I can see I'm going to have to watch that tone!

Next to MM's racing bike it does look rather pedestrian, but who cares as long as it goes like a racing bike and the thought that we can actually go for bike rides together and I can keep up is great, even if it is cheating slightly.


  1. Fantastic Vee! Seven miles! Hope you can still walk tomorrow :-)
    But how wonderful that you can go cycling together now. I'm delighted to have been able to introduce you to the joy of the!

  2. By tomorrow I might well be blaming you for all this!

  3. Fantastic! Even if it is cheating. Thanks Mari for introducing the idea, it's brilliant. xx (even if it isn't a Ridley!)