Friday, 6 April 2012

Sometimes it pays to lose

Easter is one of those times at Tweedbank Indoor Bowls Club where we get to play a competition all morning and then follow it up with a soup and roll lunch and a raffle thrown in for good measure. And because it's Easter there's also an Easter Bonnet competition.

Late yesterday I decided that I should at least make the effort to dress up for the occasion and do some kind of Easter hat just for a laugh. And so it was that I decided to go in my rabbit hat and I would decorate it with five tiny Cadbury's creme eggs. So far, so good.

my rabbit hat
Actually decorating it was a nightmare. I bought a cheap velvet type alice band and tried to stick the eggs on with super glue. Yes, that's the super glue that's supposed to be able to stick anything to anything, but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't work with Cadbury's creme eggs and velvet type material. But undeterred, I then tried blue tack stuck on to the alice band and then the eggs stuck on the blue tack. But still no luck. Then my final effort was blue tack stuck with super glue on the alice band and then stuck the eggs onto the blue tack. Well that worked... sort of. It was an extremely delicate and precarious object. But hey, at least I tried.

Won one and lost one at bowls. Not a single sniff at a raffle prize. But I'm pleased to report that my hat efforts paid off. Only one other person (out of 40) had actually bothered to make any attempt at an Easter hat and hers was completely handmade and was, if you like that kind of thing, very good, so she got the prize. But, because there were only the 2 of us the Club President felt sorry for me and I ended up with a prize too. The person who won got an Easter egg, and me? I got a half bottle of wine. I'm so pleased I came second!


  1. Jolly well done for second place! And full marks for effort, I know just how much of that there was!!!

  2. Fab hat, even without the creme eggs!

  3. Stupidly I didn't get a photo with the creme eggs. I gave them away at the club as you know my feelings about chocolate!