Friday, 13 April 2012

I despair...

... I really do. I'm such an impulse buyer. I try not to be, but it seems to just whack me on the back of my head and wham... there you go.

With this one I did do lots of research. Well ok then just this last few days, but that does include at least 4 phone calls to different folk, a long talk with Mountain Man, and hours and hours of surfing the web, looking at so many sites and so much info until I was almost frazzled.

So this week's gigantically, huge purchase is (*drum roll please*) an e-bike! Yes, the Gadget Queen is still alive and still living in The Scottish Borders. It's coming on Monday and I'm uber-excited!

I had booked in to try out several at a shop in Edinburgh, but when it came down to it, I wasn't quite so keen on the ones they had. They then said they'd get me one to try out which looked great, but so it should be at the price they wanted. I then went back to one on the web that had caught my eye and did a bit more research and that was it. What is quite good is that I get it on a week's trial and can send it back free of charge if I don't like it for any reason and get a full refund. What's not quite so good is that I'm away on retreat from next Friday until the middle of the next week, but I'll at least have had it for four days and hopefully that will show me whether or not I should keep it. Oh yes and the guy threw in a couple of freebees for me e.g. a light and a bag for it. I did tell you it was a fold-up didn't I? No... well now you know!

I'm not giving you a glimpse of it until I get it on Monday so no links I'm afraid, you'll just have to wait until then when I post a photo.

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  1. You tease! Can't wait to see the photo. I read this post first and couldn't work out what an e-bike was so missed the link even more. One post down and all became clear!