Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trouble at t'Ikea mill?

At last I managed to get a desk organised for my writing room in Edinburgh. I spent at least half an hour in Ikea wondering whether to go for black and white, birch and white, or plain white. It ended up with plain white, which has turned out to be a great choice.

And so a pleasant evening was spent with Mountain man putting together my new desk. Well ok, that is a slight exaggeration. There were tense moments, divorce moments, frustrated moments and one happy moment when it was finally put into place.

What's happened to us? We used to love putting flat-packed furniture together. We've done them all from MFI onwards and even offered our services to others. Maybe age has finally caught up with us and we've realised the stupidity of our ways... and it only took 20 years!


  1. I think flat pack assembly would challenge anyone's marriage!
    A writing room in Edinburgh? Sounds like heaven.

  2. Yes, I am extremely lucky. I'm turning an old, what could be called a boxroom, but has been used as a tiny single bedroom, into my new office/place to write when I'm in Edinburgh. There's no excuses now!