Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday rant

A brand new Sainsburys opened on the outskirts of Kelso on Wednesday and apparently they took an extraordinary amount of money on the opening day. I'm not at all surprised at that, given what it was like when I visited yesterday at 11.30 in the morning. It was the slowest supermarket shopping experience I can remember having. The place was humming! We had to form orderly queues and follow each other around as though we were on some invisible conveyor belt. Strictly one direction and no overtaking in the outside lane.

I know that people will find the supermarket helpful, but it also made me feel a bit sad. I rather liked Kelso with it's cobbled streets and it's small specialist shops. Still it had to happen sooner rather than later and at least it's not a Tesco.

I'm not sure why I have such an aversion to Tesco, but I do. It seems like they are hell bent on worldwide dominance and don't want anyone else to have a look in. What's wrong with that? I hear you ask. And aren't Sainsburys or for that matter any supermarket chain after the same thing? Yes, they probably are, but Tesco seem to do it with such aggression. And for me it's all that's wrong with our society. Grasping, money grabbing and greedy. No thought for the greater good, or sense of community, or being satisfied. Just needing to have more all the time.

Reminded me of this fab Dalai Lama quotation that I was directed to recently:

And I think that says it all.

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