Sunday, 9 October 2011

Handbags not quite at dawn

Here we are in not so sunny Scarborough for a weekend of fun and frivolity courtesy of my brother-in-law, who turned 60 last week when he was away in the States.

We arrived in our hotel, which luckily for us was the one where the party was being held, a fact that neither of us could remember and only twigged when we met another couple who were due to attend. We have a nice enough room with a lovely sea view, though so far we haven't partaken of the delights of Scarborough. No, instead we've spent our whole time within the confines of the hotel.

The party was good fun, with much dancing (me) and much chatting to relatives (MM). The live band, friends of my b-i-l, were great and pumped out Stones and ACDC classics. Rather amusing to watch a whole lot of folk, most of whom were around the 60 mark, shaking their different shaped booties to hits of the 70's. In fact the most surreal moment was when, as a joke, a couple of the women put their handbags on the floor and then a few of the men got up and started dancing round them!

We've already partaken of our full on breakfast, which was much needed after the night's activities, and are due to spend the day with family and friends, with hopefully a bit of an explore along the seashore. But quite frankly don't think there will be much to top the 'man bag' situation.

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