Friday, 28 October 2011

All at sea

A slight ear infection turned out to be a middle ear and an inner ear infection. The only problem is that one - that is the one in the middle - is painful and treated by antibiotics, while the other - the inner one - is treated differently. I decided that getting rid of the pain was a priority and I'd deal with the feeling of being on a boat later, in the hope that would clear up of its own accord. So antibiotics it was. My GP also decided on a 'massive dose' (at least that was her expression), as by this time my sinuses were also infected. Lovely!

48 hours later and I'm still in throb mode, but it does feel like it's slowly getting better. I managed work yesterday, but decided to cancel my last two clients as concentration was low and I was running out of steam. I hate cancelling people, but given that I didn't feel I could possibly give them more than 50% of my attention let alone the 100% which I feel my job demands, I allowed myself to feel guilty and went home to sleep for a while.

When I woke up I decided to make the effort and go to my Arts Club session, which was on Tony Cragg at The Gallery of Modern Art. We had the head of sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art leading the discussion, which was very interesting, but by the time we finished I had enough energy to go home, crawl into bed and sleep. However, if that show is down your way I highly recommend checking it out.

Then today I was at an all day meeting, having to chair the morning session. I seemed to be all at sea and found it quite difficult to keep focused, but I managed and have to hope it wasn't too awful for those that were there.

So now I'm relaxing at home, wishing the world wouldn't keep lurching from side to side every now and then and that I get to dry land quite soon as I'm getting a bit fed up.

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