Sunday, 16 October 2011


Sunday started well enough, although I still have a horrible cold and cough, made somewhat worse by shouting at the tv whenever the All Blacks kicked the ball in the Rugby World Cup semi- final. I just love to watch them pass the ball and ended up at one point going for a shower as I could bear it no longer. Anyway they won, which was fab (sorry Lizzie!).

After that I tried to get things in order ready for my trip to Italy tomorrow. It started with my iPhone. It wouldn't sync and lost a lot of my details. I wondered if this was to do with the new operating system that my phone downloaded the other day. I hadn't upgraded my laptop so set about doing that. Well, 5 hours later and it's still not downloaded. I'm still waiting impatiently. So far I've had around 7 attempts, but now, at 7.15 pm I'm just under half way there. I now have a phone that doesn't work, a computer that doesn't work, a voice that doesn't work and a nose that keeps dripping... Now that's a great way to head for holiday don't you think?

Still, swamped with Lemsips I've managed to pack. I'm now minus a few details, such as directions to the hotel in Milan, but hey, I've got the name so that's a good start. I wanted to have an early night, but given the problems with downloading OS Lion I think I'm in for the long haul. But that's me folks. And with my phone not working there'll be no updates until I return, when all will be revealed.

Arrivederci one and all.

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  1. We forgive you! It's rugby league that counts in the Aussie side of things. Hope you're having a great time - and perhaps some sunshine - in Italy.