Wednesday, 27 October 2010

There was one bonus

Well folks... the dog and I moved into the Edinburgh house yesterday. No downstairs lights, no TV, no internet access, no landline phone working. So after a complete freak out on my part, I went next door and asked if I could use their internet, which they kindly let me do. At 10.30 I was still sealing the kitchen floor and I still have the bathroom to do tonight.

I managed to enlist the help of No.1 son to join me in sanding the wood floor today and then have oiled it with a first oiling, will have to do it again before the night is out.

The bonus however was that the electrician who helped restore order after my Beloved's DIY skills went slightly awry, managed to leave a vital, and very expensive piece of kit behind. So when he sent his minions round to get it, they were kind enough (for a cash in hand price of course!) to sort the downstairs lighting and tried to sort the TV. Now I can get BBC4, but not much else... not that there's much on anyway, but it would be nice if the bloody thing worked. Still a bonus is a bonus and I am pleased with that.

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