Sunday, 3 October 2010

A night on the town

Unbelievably yesterday was cracking weather. Friday and today, pissing down, but yesterday it was blue sky and sunshine, warm and lovely. Which was just as well as it was the last bowls day of the season, and to celebrate it they had an open pairs competition to celebrate.

Apparently Gordon Bowls club was the very last club in the area not to have shut for the season, so there were folk from across the Borders and beyond come to take advantage of an extra days bowls. My friend, JT, decided to come and accompany me and it was fun to have another game with him as my partner. And another game was all we could manage... absolutely slaughtered by our opponents in the first round. Still because the weather was so good, we hung around watching the others and then left at the quarter final stage.

Then as a final final celebration, there was karaoke in the evening. I wasn't going to go, but thought better of it and so my man and I went across at about 7.30 to be faced with a fairly drunken rabble intent on making as much noise as possible. It was hilariously funny and we managed to leave before being forced into having to sing. Though it was difficult to stop the onslaught of drinks being bought and had to make a quick exit before another round wended its way to our table, with the genuine excuse that my man was needed for Borders Search and Rescue operations today and had to leave at 7 am, so a late night was out of the question. Whew, got away with that one then.

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