Monday, 20 September 2010

A visit to the dentist

Today I had a visit to my dentist, the Delightful Chris, who as far as dentists go is the nicest, kindest, most gentle one that I've been to. I've been going to him ever since moving south and he came highly recommended by my friend N. Whenever she recommends someone I always pay attention as she's no pushover that's for sure.

Previously the Delightful Chris was housed in the bowels of Optical Express on George Street, Edinburgh. It somewhat worried me that a dentist who spends his whole day underground without so much as a peak at a window, and one who's housed in an opticians at that, would most probably suffer with some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder and would then take it out on me. So I was pleasantly surprised at just how normal the Delightful Chris always seemed.

And now he's moved to very deluxe premises in Dublin Street, conveniently placed down the road from Harvey Nicks in a lovely building, with light streaming in from the windows and I think has gone some way to prove my theory re SAD and underground dentists as he was unbelievably bouncy and up. To add to the general cheeriness he even offered me discount on a new night time device to stop me grinding my teeth.

I decided to accept the offer just in case my theory's wrong and by the next time he's back to being gentle and kind without the bounciness and the discount.

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