Friday, 3 September 2010

Better late than never

After my last post summer arrived, and we have had 3 fantastically sunny, warm days. Heating has gone off, shorts have gone on, and all is well in the world.

I'm so hoping that this lasts until Sunday as I have a bowls competition. An old friend of mine who is actually a brilliant player said he wanted to come down and play in a competition with me, and this weekend is it. I think he just wants to have a bit of a laugh. He's played at the Scottish finals before now, though he reliably informs me that this year he's playing crap. So that's ok as I have a feeling his crap is in a totally different league from mine. I play really badly in the rain, and he says he does too, so please do some kind of sun dance to keep the sun around, or at least the rain at bay... that way we might have a chance of having a bit of fun.

Meanwhile my beloved went off to Ireland at 5am this morning. He has an event in Ireland to medic at, and will return home on Monday and then will have to scoot down to Bristol as he's moving No. 2 son's things to his new home down there and Monday and Tuesday are pretty much the only days going free for about 3 weeks.

So my youngest has finally flown the Scottish nest and has headed south of the Border to start a new life in England. He's going to uni to study Philosophy and it's taken him several years to come to the conclusion of what he really wants to do. I'm very happy for him of course, but having him so far away is a real wrench. No more cosy lunches in Edinburgh's less salubrious spots, no more cosy chats in the student style doss house, no more arguments/disagreements (at least not face to face for a while). But the good news is that it's No. 1 son's birthday in November and No. 2 has promised to return, and Christmas (I can't believe I've mentioned it!) will see another return of the prodigal.

Lots to look forward to then.

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  1. looks like even the weather pays attention to your blog!! lol!