Monday, 27 September 2010

On a losing streak

Yesterday was a bit of a loser's day.

I had the last club bowls competition of the season, and the idea is that you turn up and get picked out of a hat to play with a partner. Only 4 of us turned up so we decided to go ahead and play anyway, and yes... I lost again. Actually I didn't play all that badly and neither did my partner, it's just that we couldn't co-ordinate our good play. Still the weather was fine and it was nice to be outside.

Then my beloved and I went to a pub quiz at The Fisherman's Arms in Birgham in the evening to generate money in aid of The Borders Search and Rescue Unit. We had lovely fish and chips with the best tartare sauce I've had for a while. We joined together with a couple who had just moved into the village, and we managed to not do too well there either, coming around 6th out of about 10 with the grand score of 67 out of 100. The winners got 96, so we weren't even close.

Will my losing streak ever end?

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