Friday, 17 September 2010

Home again

Back home after a hectic, but fruitful time in London.

Meetings went without too much of a hitch, and the Mindfulness workshop I did with my friend Jenny had good feedback. We did the workshop in Syon House, which belongs to the Duke of Northumberland and is, I think, his London pied-a-terre. As you can see from the photo, if he has friends to stay I doubt there will be a need for anyone to sleep on the couch.

Magnificent eh?

But somewhat quirkily I found something that I thought was even more magnificent. I was wandering around Mayfair and spotted a full size horse sculpture standing in the window of what looked like another rather fancy pad. I did wonder why they decided not to draw the curtains as all and sundry could look in, but maybe it's because they wanted to show off their masterpiece.

Not a great photo, but this was taken around 9.30 pm after a rather delicious dinner at Miyama my favourite Japanese restaurant which included 2 sake martinis. So under the circumstances I think I did pretty well.

After our workshop Jenny and I decided to treat ourselves and go for a drink.  We ended up in Trader Vic's on Park Lane and splashed the cash on a couple of Raffles Bar Gin Slings, which are a fab concoction of gin, lime, liqueurs and ginger beer. They went down rather well, but thank goodness Jenny had to get back to where she was staying otherwise we might have been tempted to have more.

And finally, I played the bowls handicap final today and even with a 6 point start I lost 17-21. I was very disappointed as I thought I actually had a bit of a chance, but having not played for a couple of weeks I was really off form. Never mind will just have to try again next year. My fear is that having got through to the final I'll have points taken away next year, and let's face it, I need all the help I can get.

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