Saturday, 31 December 2016

The best laid plans...

Oh dear. Poor Shirley and Andy have succumbed to the dreaded lurgy, which was brought up north by their son over Christmas. He was ill the whole time while with them, but at least they had fun with their granddaughter and his girlfriend. But what that means is that our New Year plans are scuppered.

I could, of course, go over there and hold my breath for 2 days in the hope that I don't get sick before I jet off to South Africa in a mere 6 days time, but given that it seemingly takes 3 days for the bug to hit and then the sickness which lasts for well over a week, Shirley and I decided it probably would be an extremely bad idea to even contemplate it. So that's that.

I'm now thinking about joining in with the village New Year and will reveal all in due course.

Apart from all that, I've had some bad news from my dear friends in France and my very close friend in London too and it seems that 2016 is still reaching out it's awfulness and spreading it around the world to affect us all. At least there's just one more day to go and then it'll be 2017 and we can only hope that it'll be a better year.

The only thing is... I have a distinct memory I said that at the end of 2015 and probably 2014, 2013 etc etc too! But we can all live in hope and that's the way I'm playing it.

I wish you all a brilliant year ahead. Roll on 2017!

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