Saturday, 17 December 2016

I succumbed

I really don't like all this 'selfie' stuff... multiple pics people seem to take and post. However, I have actually succumbed, after many people telling me I should get one, to getting a selfie stick. Why, I hear you ask?

Well the thing is, I am mostly on my own and very occasionally I want to take a pic with me in it and have discovered that holding my phone at arm's length doesn't actually do much but make my nose look large.

I came across one stick that was reduced to a very reasonable £8.99 on Amazon with no p&p charges. It had pretty good reviews and, although this didn't really matter, it was a rather nice shade of pink, which kind of matches my phone and my life at the moment (!). So I made the decision to go ahead and buy.

I know it will probably stay in the drawer a lot of the time, but I'm going to take it to London with me for Xmas so that I can take some pics of me and my boys together - undoubtedly all making faces as we do - but hopefully will get some nice photos.

And it's worth £8.99 just for that!

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