Monday, 2 January 2017

Some accidents are more bizarre than others

As stupid accidents go my recent one was bizarre. It involved a cough, a glass of malt whisky and 2nd degree burns in my mouth (I'll leave the actual details to your imagination). And that happened on 30th... not even New Year's Eve!

I'm still suffering and had to go to the pharmacist today to check on whether there was anything else I could be doing, but it seems I've done all the right things, but might need a course of antibiotics, so will check on that on Wednesday when the doctor's is open again. What it has meant is I've had to cancel the small party I was having tomorrow night for my Guide Dog pals as it's just a bit too uncomfortable at the moment and even with another day to go, it was easier to just call it quits today. At least everyone knows and can have a laugh at my expense.

I didn't go to the village New Year's do, not because of my mouth, but because my dear friend in London needed someone to talk to and I was very happy to provide that service.

Yesterday I spent mostly indoors feeling very sorry for myself and today I'm getting the beginnings of my packing for my up coming trip together.

Only 3 more sleeps and I'll be sunshine bound. I'm just hoping to stay as illness/accident free as possible in the next few days and hope that nothing impedes my flight.

Hopefully the next time I post will be from the sunshine of the Eastern Cape.

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