Saturday, 3 December 2016

Puppy power?

This week has been pretty full-on.

On Monday, Ziggy, a 12-week old Guide Dog puppy came to stay as Alex and Jackie, her Puppy Walkers were off on a jolly. It was supposed to be until Thursday, but sadly on the Tuesday Jackie got taken into hospital with suspected diverticulitis and so Ziggy stayed until today.

I'd forgotten just how exhausting young puppies are... and also how little I get done, but it was so much fun. I also used her stay as an opportunity to brush up on my training skills and, although her sit was pretty good when she came, by the time she left she could sit and wait and down and stay. I was very pleased and Alex was thrilled when he came to pick her up and Ziggy showed off her newfound skills.

Ziggy doing her perfect sit and wait!

On Wednesday I had to go to Glasgow for my biopsy and Ziggy went off to spend the day with Molly (aged 15 weeks) and Folly, (yes that's Guide Dog names for you!), who's a 2 year-old rejected Guide Dog due to her skin allergy. Apparently they had lots of fun. Ziggy was exhausted when she got back.

I was also exhausted as I'd had to drive to Glasgow, get the biopsy done and then drive straight back. There's no news on the biopsy front and won't be for 3 weeks as the doc has gone on his hols. Meanwhile, I have a lovely large scab on my nose, which looks utterly delightful... not! I'm hoping it heals by this coming Wednesday as I have to scoot to London for meetings and Xmas party. I can see me sticking a plaster over the top so I don't frighten the children!

Today has been marketing day. The price of the paperback version of my book, for just one week only, has been discounted to £3.99 ($5.48). I was told it would make a great stocking filler and was charged with taking a pic of Ziggy and the book together... something to do with puppies being able to sell anything. We'll see if that's true or not, but I managed, after not too many attempts to get the perfect pic, as Ziggy's new found down and stay expertise came to the fore.

Ziggy doing a brilliant job!

If you'd like to buy a copy at this incredibly cheap price then do go to:

It's just at this price until next Saturday.

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