Tuesday, 6 December 2016

It's Christmas party time!

Today was puppy party time... so much fun!

Chaos reigns!

Try getting 9 puppies to sit and look at the camera is a highway to hell... so much so I didn't bother to take any pics, but left it to others. This one was taken by Susan who is Molly's puppywalker. Molly is the photogenic one at the back on the right, in Susan's husband's arms. Molly was a proper photo diva, staring lovingly at the camera all the time while all around her chaos reigned.

Games were played, prizes given and then the people ate the food we'd all brought while the pups just continued to have fun with each other.

Now I'm packing my gear ready for London tomorrow. I have a party of my own to go to on Friday, but before that there's meetings to attend, mother to deal with and friends to have dinner with. Some things I'm looking forward to more than others!

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