Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Back to some exciting news

I had a great time at the conference I attended in London. So lovely just to be a participant and soak it all up. It was held at Regent's College, which is in Regent's Park and just the most beautiful setting. On the Sunday, when the weather was glorious, I had a walk in the park, which brought back some memories. I used to play tennis for my school on the courts there, all of 50 years ago!

When I arrived in London I went to the Apple store to pick up my new iPhone only to discover that my old one had a very old email attached to it and that caused all kinds of drama. 2.5 hours of trying to get stuff downloaded and then walk away with 2 phones that weren't quite in sync. But at least they were both working.

At my mother's the internet was down, so all my good intentions re my book and getting things sorted had to wait. A lovely dinner out and a reasonably early night.

On Friday I scooted off to the office, where the internet was working, but sadly, because I'd forgotten my keys (!) I could only stay an hour as the office manager had a meeting to attend, but at least I got most of what I needed to done. From there on in I called it quits and went shopping.

I managed to pick up a couple of my favourite work tee shirts for Thailand and also an extremely lightweight down coat that folds up into a little bag so that when I go from the summer in Thailand to the winter in Australia I'll be all ready for the weather change. I was so pleased.

That night my niece and her husband came up from Brighton and I introduced them to the delights of Japanese food and saki. Rob was extremely delighted with the saki education!

Then it was 2 days of conferencing followed by more dinners out and finally home again yesterday. On the train I met my co-facilitator for my upcoming retreat at the end of this week and we had a meeting on the train and cancelled the one we'd had in the diary for later in the week. We both felt sorted on that front now. It was a great way to spend a train journey.

And now... today... is BOOK LAUNCH day! If you want a free copy do go to either Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and download it. It will only be free until Thursday.

For Amazon.com please go to this link
For Amazon.co.uk please go to this link

I can hardly believe it, but it's already at No. 1 in the Health and Fitness Reference section! So excited!

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