Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bestseller status still reigns!

Today has seen me getting everything ready for the off tomorrow to my retreat 5 days on Holy Isle off Arran. With my book launch and all I have had to do for that, I'm really looking forward to some time away from my computer.

However, here's some great news to relate: my book has been the No. 1 bestseller in the Kindle Store Health and Fitness Reference section on since it launched on Tuesday! I'm really thrilled!

And the feedback has been absolutely fantastic. I've only had 6 reviews on the UK site, but 17 on the US site, so that's great. It's still free to download today, but tomorrow the price goes up to 99p so if you want a copy free do go get it today.

I had to zip into Edinburgh this morning to pick up my new pair of spare glasses. My usual glasses broke last month and it took 10 days to fix them. I wear contact lenses, but I sometimes I rest my eyes and wear my glasses and every night and morning I use my glasses, so when my usual ones broke I had to use my spares and I'd forgotten how uncomfortable and heavy they are and how much I hate them. It doesn't help that they weren't updated to my new prescription last year, so I also can't see so well with them either. So I decided as I'm off to foreign parts soon it was time to invest in a new pair to take away with me.

It just so happened that the opticians I use had this rather amazing pink pair and they were going cheap - yes, ok, I can hear you saying... really?... but I liked them even if they do have a touch of the Edna Everidge's about them - I think they're fab!

My new fab glasses

But here's the funny thing. When I tried them on I said to Nigel, the optician, 'But I can't see well with them. Everything's fuzzy!' He was really puzzled. He checked and double checked the prescription and all seemed in order. And it was only then that I realised I had my contacts in! It was really hysterical! Nigel was very relieved and it gave us both a good laugh.

I then spent a very lovely couple of hours with my boys in the garden at the house in Edinburgh. We had a lovely chat in the sunshine and it was such a fantastically warm day I even took my cardi off!

Sunny days!

And then it was home again and finalising everything for an early start tomorrow.

So that's me folks. As there's no internet access on retreat, there'll be no updates until I'm home next week.

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