Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Time to move on

My pal Jim decided he wanted to stay one more night in Edinburgh before heading back to Australia via Munich, where he has a bit of work to do today before finally heading home. And so Monday night was another late one. A bottle of champagne, that Jim had kept specially for our goodbye, got drunk, followed by a lovely meal at The Doric, which is, apparently Edinburgh's oldest gastro-pub and lots of chat before we finally parted company for the last time. It's certainly been a memorable number of weeks (8 to the day) and lots of fun.

Time now to turn my attention to more serious things. My book launch is a less than a week away and I've at last managed to get it uploaded, in the correct format (thanks to Russell Turner aka Bassman) to Amazon. And also it will be available in hard copy, though that was another nightmare of formatting etc, but it's all done now. I'll give you the links next week when it finally comes out.

I'm off to London tomorrow for a Mindfulness conference this weekend, which I'm so looking forward to. This will be the first one for a few years that I can just go to as a participant without having to do a workshop or organise and it's such a relief! I can just sit back an enjoy!

I'm staying a couple of days extra to do a few things in London and will, of course, report back when I'm home again. But my turnaround is going to be swift, because at the end of next week I have the first of my 2 retreats to facilitate this year (the second is in August), so I'll be doing my prep for that as well as, no doubt, panicking about my book launch!

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