Sunday, 10 April 2016

5 days seems a long time

Can't believe 5 days have passed since I last posted. What a 5 days it's been!

On Tuesday the clock on my house was taken apart. The council (who look after the clock) had sent the younger Mr Weir, who's equally as chatty as his father, to take the hands off and get it ready to put back together again so it tells the right time on all 4 clock faces. This meant getting a cherry picker. But it also meant lots of chat.

By the time Young Mr Weir had taken the hands off (and chatted to me for quite a while) I was late for puppy class, but as I couldn't take Sue anyway, because she was in season, it wasn't so awful. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone and see how their puppies had grown in just one month. One of the best things was that Freda, one of the people that boards for me, suggested that she take Sue on Thursday night as I had a busy day on Friday, so I wouldn't be in a rush. Grateful? I should say so!

On Wednesday I felt I couldn't leave Sue behind while I went to play badminton, so I forewent that pleasure and took her along to meet everyone. Both Sue and my badminton chums were pleased with that.

And then on Thursday Sue and I went to the chiropractor, but I had an embarrassing moment when Sue wouldn't lie down, so I pushed her bum and she squeaked. I'm not sure that I hurt her, but most probably caught her unawares, but nevertheless the Chiropractor looked at me like I was Cruella Deville! Sue seemed none the wiser and seemed to have no after effects, but to behave well!

So on Thursday night Sue went off to Freda's while I got on with the problems with my new book. I've had difficulties, there's no hiding from wanting things a certain way to realising just how incompetent I am with my computer. But hey... that's life I suppose.

I also manage to order a new iPhone, which I'm going to pick up in London. My present one, which is a few years old now and the battery life (in spite of me getting a new battery last year) isn't working terribly well. But with a friend's instruction I've managed to get my old one unlocked so I can use it abroad (and no longer at the vagaries of a Thai phone that absolutely no-one can understand how it works) and my new one will be, well... new! I'm picking it up when I go to London next week as that seemed the easiest solution for me right now.

And that brings me to Friday, when I had some work in the morning followed by a trip to Forfar to visit Vespa and see how he's doing. And he's doing brilliantly! I watched him in harness working and then had a couple of hours to spend having a cuddle and then a cuppa with his trainer. I had a wonderful time. Really I did. I was like a proud mumma watching her child graduate from University! He's going to be off for Advanced Training at the end of the month for a few weeks and then will be matched with a blind person. It feels just great!

A chance to catch up
My gorgeous boy all grown up!

It was a long day as I left home at 11 and didn't get back til 6.30.

Today saw more book angst, but I'm not even going there! And then it was a scoot into Edinburgh as I had tickets to see The Cat Empire at the Queen's Hall. Their start-up band was The Pierce Brothers, who were just fab. I had a truly wonderful night. I danced from 7.30 until after 11 and the people I was with wanted to go to and stand right up front, so there I was right in front of the stage. It's years since I've done that. And I loved it!

Right, now it's time for me to go to bed as I have work at Stobo tomorrow and I need to put my dancing head to bed and get myself in order for a bit of sensible Qiqong!

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