Sunday, 2 August 2015

Not quite

The day after I was supposed to be finally finished with my NHS work I had to go to a meeting... what about? ... an NHS conference I'm helping put on as part of my last role. Sadly I don't get to give it up quite so quickly it seems. And the handover for my new job won't be until the end of August I discovered on Friday, so I was a touch preliminary in my 'that's it, done and dusted' of the last post.

Oh well, I tried and it is all in the pipeline, so it's as good as... isn't it?

Meanwhile I've had a nice relaxing weekend. Well when I say 'relaxing' you can translate that as 'lazy' as yesterday I luxuriated in being waited on by Mountain Man who was doing his best to keep things going while I went into full blown lazy mode. Today at least I went out and we both took Vespa for a lovely walk by the River Tweed.

I have to say he did so well on the walk, really obedient, coming when called and when allowed to go and play with other dogs he came back just like that. Of course we do have puppy class on Tuesday and I'm sure he'll use that as an opportunity to show me up.

Maybe, just maybe I'll wish I had work to do on Tuesday instead!

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