Monday, 24 August 2015

The power of three?

So far today (and please bear in mind it's only 9.23 in the morning) I've had 3 things go wrong:

1. I left a note out for the milkman to cancel Mountain Man's milk order and he paid not one bit of notice to it and left me with some milk, which I don't drink. It made me want to both laugh and cry at the same time. Here I am trying to get some order into my life and someone's not even paying attention!

2. My dear friend in Australia was due to Skype me this morning. I put my alarm on for 6.15 so I'd be ready and waiting for her call... but it never came. I was getting a touch worried that maybe something had happened to her, but no... all is well. She'd just had a bit of a mind blip about time difference. We've been trying to chat since I got back from France and I've put my alarm on every morning, so now we're rearranged for Thursday so at least I've got a few days respite from that dreaded alarm. Phew!

3. The fridge in my kitchen stopped working about 3 weeks ago. Luckily I have one in the utility room, so no problem with having one that works, but the one in the kitchen is very convenient. Anyway, MM got a man in, who looked at it and pronounced it fixable. Just the switch in the thermostat, so I was very pleased when I got the call this morning to tell me he'd be round at 8.30. So in he comes all jolly and lovely and started fixing things. Next thing I know he's calling me and admitting to have managed to touch some wires that shouldn't be touching and he's blown the new thermostat and also tripped the fuse. He reset the fuse, but now needs to order another thermostat. So that's the fridge out of action for at least another week. Sigh!

Please tell me things only come in threes, or I'm doomed!

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