Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Where I gain a day

Today I went to a Guide Dog puppy training session in Melrose. Vespa was super badly behaved and I ended up with aching arms and an almost cricked neck, but it was lovely to see folk.

There were 5 pups including the Puppy Supervisor's pup - she has Micky who's the most gorgeous Golden Retriever, but she has him because he was spotted right from birth as being a difficult dog and if anyone can knock him into shape she can. He also barks a lot. And so does Quaver and so does Hannah. Vespa and his pal, Amber are the quiet ones, so there was something to be thankful for!

We did some work in the park and then walked into town to get a cuppa. It was all pretty chaotic and even sitting in the sun with a peppermint tea didn't do much for me, as Vespa would lie quietly and then just take it into his head to have a lunge at one of the others to play. Mind you they were all pretty bad, so it wasn't just him.

Then I went off to have a lunchtime chat with Lynne, who lives in Tweedbank and used to have Teddy (who was Odi's official first pal) and then Tweedy who's now at Forfar. Vespa was a touch put out that there was no dog there for him to play with, but he had lots of fun running round Lynne's garden with a large Kong in his mouth.

Anyway, as Lynne and I were chatting and talking about how quickly this week was passing, I said that I only had tomorrow to get myself together as Friday was a busy day for me. She said, 'But it's only Tuesday today.' I was a bit flummoxed by that as, if I'd had to, I'd have taken a bet that today was Wednesday. Still, poor Lynne thought it was Saturday when she woke up this morning so she's lost a couple of days where I've seemed to gain one!

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