Sunday, 30 August 2015

It's his birthday!

The Birthday Boy!
Today my boy turned one! I can hardly believe it as the time's gone so quickly. He's having a lovely day, with having pressies first thing, followed by a lovely long walk in the Community Woodland, where he got to play with a few pals and lark about, and then we went off this afternoon to get another treat from the pet store in the shape of a filled bone for tonight.

While we were there a couple approached with their daughter and told me they were thinking of Puppy Walking and wanted to know what I thought. Luckily it was a day when Vespa was behaving well and it was so lovely at the end when we left them for me to overhear, 'Well that's a beautifully trained puppy' I was so pleased!

Yesterday, because of the vagaries of the weather right now, we went on a pre-birthday walk just in case the forecast was wrong for today. We went to my favourite place, Bowmont Forest and Vespa had a ball. He found loads of mud puddles to jump in and out of, which of course meant that he didn't smell so nice on the way back. But what the heck, it's his birthday and what's a boy to do when faced with a bit of mud and water. Still at least he dried off pretty quickly.

So Happy Birthday Vespa aka Big Boy aka Mr Lazy aka Mr Chunky... you're a star!

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