Sunday, 23 August 2015

And life goes on...

... remarkably well actually.

Last night we had the most incredible thunder storm, which seemed to have cleared away the grey skies and coldish temperatures and this morning I awoke to the most beautiful, sunny, blue sky day imaginable. So it was on with a vest top (and no cardie... yeah!) and Vespa and I took ourselves off to the Edinburgh Festival.

When I got to Son No. 2's house I was greeted by his girlfriend telling me how beautiful I looked. That girl really knows how to make me feel good! Vespa and I then trotted off to mingle with all the festival goers in the sunshine.

We started out at the BBC tent, where we joined a table of 2 couples, who were just lovely. They even bought me a glass of Prosecco! I was so amazed. We spent about an hour chatting and it was a delightful way to spend our morning.

Then, bizarrely, I had a phone call from a psychologist, who I haven't seen in about 3 years and he decided to join us. So he and I then went for a wander and a chat. I left him and took Vespa for a walk and ended up at The Pear Tree pub, which just happened to have a guy playing rock/pop, so, after getting the pooch some water, I stayed a while until I was joined by No. 2 Son.

After that we went back to his and then had such a lovely afternoon, playing card games out in the garden in the sun, while Vespa lay on a blanket in the shade. No. 2 Son's girlfriend joined us. Then his best friend, Adam, who's visiting from Cornwall arrived. We had such a laugh, especially when Adam asked for a spin in my Audi TT in swap for some Cornish cheese he'd brought with him. So out we went for a quick ride round The Royal Mile and back. It was such a laugh. And now, apparently, there's a pic of my car on Instagram... not quite sure how I feel about that, but then only those who know me, know it's mine.

Finally No. 1 Son joined us and we all hung out for a while, eating and having fun. I'm so lucky with my family. What a wonderful way to end a beautiful day.

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