Thursday, 30 July 2015

And that's the end of that... well almost

Today is the day I finally retired from my NHS role.

For the last 6 years I've been one of the two co-ordinators of a specialist project for NHS Education For Scotland and it's been brilliant to have been part of it, but now... well it's time for me to go and let someone else bring a different energy in. I'm still going to be doing a bit e.g. we've got a conference coming up and I'm part of the organisation committee and I'll also be doing a transition handover to the new person, but officially... well officially today is the day.

As my last act I went for a meeting in Ayr, which was actually good fun. I chose to go there of all the areas I cover because there are rarely problems there and I wanted to finish with something easy. I know I should have been kind to the new person and let them start off gently, but heck, it was a great way for me to finish.

I went down last night and stayed over at one of the lead people's house. It was a fun evening and the other lead joined us for dinner, which was great. It was full of laughter and ridiculousness and it ended up us watching 3D television, just for the experience. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy, though 'watched' is a misnomer, as we spent the time chatting with the 3D glasses on and checking the TV on occasions to look at the visual effects, but I haven't a clue what the film was about, just that some bits looked great.

Cool dudes!

Our meeting went very well and, as expected, no problems and I got back home this afternoon after a stress free drive.

So that was that... the end of an era for me.

Of course I still have 1/8th of a job left - I reckon it's that anyway - with both my family company and also the bits and pieces of work that I still do, but it'll be interesting to see what happens next.

Watch this space!

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