Sunday, 1 March 2015

Priorities sorted

Goodness, here we are in March!

It's not just that the year seems to be zipping by, but frankly I'm now becoming a tad anxious as my trip to Thailand (for work I assure you) is drawing closer at a helluva rate. I leave the UK on 28th March and don't come back until 2nd May. Some of that... at the end... will be holiday, but before that I have to get to work.

I've done pretty much nothing to prepare myself and will need to cobble together presentations and sensible clothes to look a bit professional.

I have, however (and I'm sure you'll be utterly reassured to know), bought a new swimsuit, which my lovely friend Tracy sent all the way from South Africa for me.

I know that sounds a bit extreme, but when I was over there a few years back I bought a very cheap and flattering tankini from an outlet in Port Elizabeth, but late last year I went swimming in a pool when I suddenly realised the elastic in the bottoms had worn out and I rather embarrassingly had to grasp hold of them rather unbecomingly otherwise I would have been even more embarrassed.

Anyway, I looked and looked in the UK for one I liked, but couldn't find anything, so during a Skype with Tracy she said she'd go and look in the same outlet in PE for me and so for the grand price of £28 (including P&P) she bought one for me and sent it across. It's not quite as pretty as the last one, but fits like a dream.

I've also, under the guise of work, bought myself a MacBook Air. Right I know that really is a bit extreme and a lot more expensive than the swimsuit, but it felt like a necessity for lightweight computer travel, at least that's how I sold it to myself in John Lewis.

I've been practising travelling with it in my handbag while going to London for my mother's 92nd birthday today. It's brill.

So there you have it... you can see that I have my priorities in order!

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