Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Some sad... or maybe not... news

Odi has been withdrawn from the Guide Dog training programme. She was very unsettled and according to the trainer had decided she just didn't want to do the work. There were more and more things she was doing that weren't helping and they made the decision to stop her training and find her a good home.

In some ways I'm sad about this, but in others it's good news. No-one likes to think of a dog being stressed or unhappy and she obviously was at least a bit of both, so they're now looking for a good home for her. I'm just hoping they find somewhere soon so she can get out of kennels and start being the joyous Odi we knew and loved.

One good thing though - and I suppose everyone who has a dog who doesn't make it for behavioural reasons must wonder whether it was something they did - the trainer said she came into Forfar really well behaved and knowing all her commands and that we'd done a good job with her. Mmmm... maybe they say that to everyone!

An interesting thing though. Apparently her sister, who's in Forfar at the moment is displaying similar behaviours (though not to the same degree) as Odi. Her brother has been withdrawn for cataract problems and there's other problems with others in the litter. The trainer said it was very interesting when you look at the whole litter and realise that it's not just pertaining to one of the pups. However, one of her brothers is doing really well, so it's not all of them. He, apparently, doesn't have the sensitive side.

So that's that. Still at least whoever gets Odi will have a very well trained dog who will be a great pet. Lucky people.

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