Saturday, 28 March 2015

Bye bye UK

Yesterday I left home to start my adventure of working in Thailand with my giant suitcase (known as 'The Beast') all packed with some clothes, some work stuff and seemingly lots of tablets. Can't beat a good vitamin!

The Beast and Vespa get to know one another

Anyway, it's certainly living up to its name. It weighs in at a mighty 19.5 kg, which is a huge amount more than I'm used to travelling with. It really got to me. But after Mountain Man laughed at me and my antics I got over myself and we set off for Berwick station ready for the first leg of my journey.

A last cuddle

The one good thing about The Beast is that the wheels are super wheelie. The worst thing about The Beast is that the wheels are super wheelie. I can push it along with one finger, but just you try being on a London bus lurching around corners and trying to hold onto a suitcase that wants to wander everywhere... not easy!

Last night I went to the Impressionist exhibition at The National Gallery. It was fab and I spent a lovely hour and a half amongst some beautiful paintings. Then off for a Japanese dinner and then in for a relatively early night.

Today was haircut day and I went and got myself cut and dyed and ready for the off. The haircut took almost 2 hours! I was a bit freaked out that someone could take so long, but worse than that, my mother also was freaked out and phoned to check I was still alive... a touch embarrassing! The haircut is lovely btw and here's a not-very-flattering selfie to give you some idea.

The new haircut

So now I sit in the Business Class lounge at Heathrow, eating the lovely food and being very good and not drinking any alcohol.

If I can post more while I'm away (dependent on internet access in Hua Hin) I will. But if you hear nothing more from me until I get home in May, then don't worry, I've not gone AWOL. You can think of me in 33 degrees working my socks off  - no actually that doesn't make sense cos socks are something I definitely won't be wearing in that heat - but I'm sure you get the picture.

After Hua Hin I'm meeting up with MM in Kathmandu for a bit of R&R, which should be good fun.

So bye bye cold UK and bring on the searing heat - ready or not here I come!


  1. Bon Voyage! Hope it's a wonderful experience.

    1. Thank you Denise! I can only hope so. Just had my internet sorted, so that's a good start.

  2. It is a big suitcase! But I'm sure it only contains essentials! It's going to be hard working in 33 degree heat, at a spa hotel! Careful you don't overdo it and get too stressed, I know a really good book for you to read if you do.
    Have fun and see you in Kathmandu. X

    1. Ah, but I left that book behind!!