Saturday, 14 March 2015

This week's poetry challenge

I know how much some of you (no names, no pack drill) are loving the challenge that is my poetry course, so I thought I'd let you know this week's assignment which I got today and then I'll sit back and wait to see what you come up with:

Essentially we have to pick a photo of someone (not ourselves) and write about it starting with the line: This is a photograph of me.

We've been given loads of photographic examples e.g. the ones on Mary Ellen Mark's webpage and as always we can use one of the suggested ones or pick any photo or subject we like.

So come on you poets out there, have a go.

Me? No, I'll be thinking about it until about 5 mins before it has to be posted and do my usual panic poem!


  1. This is a photo of me
    I'm very good looking you'll see
    Athletic and slim
    In very good trim
    And modest as modest can be

    Three minutes. Next.

    1. Yeah! Well done that Bassman! erm... it is all true isn't it? ;)

    2. Actually, on 2nd thoughts, I take back my last comment cos the pic has to be of someone else. Phew, pleased I sorted that one :)

    3. Of course it's true. I was looking at a photo of Marchgirl.

    4. That should, of course, be Matchgirl but Marchgirl suits her quite well, what with the month and her running around the Highlands.

    5. I'm liking 'Marchgirl', though I think you might find she's actually quite modest, or are you trying to tell us all something?

    6. "And modest as modest can be" Can't make it plainer than that! (Not that she's plain. Far from it.)

    7. Ah... my mistake... I thought you were being facetious, but I should know you better ;)