Monday, 30 March 2015

Time for sun!

Here I am in Sunny Hua Hin and so far, apart from getting lost going from my room to get my breakfast and having to get the resident computer expert to help me get accepted onto the system, I'm doing well.

My flight over was good. I flew EVA Air, which is Taiwanese and, in spite of the cabin crew's limited English, they were lovely and courteous and my veggie meal was delicious. I even got a pair of pj's to take with me... always a bonus!

I arrived at Bangkok airport and it took me a while to find my driver, but after that it was plain sailing in an air conditioned, dark-windowed, comfy car all the way to Hua Hin. It took around 2.5 hours, but was very pleasant. I'm in the staff guest quarters, which is rather like a 4* hotel (as opposed to the 5* facilities at Chiva Som Spa itself), so I'm certainly not complaining.

I had a lovely meal last night, accompanied by an extremely chatty guest, who came from Largs in South Scotland (small world). I was actually pleased to get to the silence of my room after that!

So anyway, you'll have gathered I have internet access and will give you short updates on here, but gotta run now as today is my day off, so am going for serious sunning and R&R before the work begins.


  1. Sounds lovely! I'm looking forward to virtually sharing your time there!
    Hopefully this is my third time lucky, I keep failing to post , apologies if my previous attempts at posting a comment appear!

    1. Just the one you'll be pleased to hear, Denise!