Sunday, 22 March 2015

Panic stations

Today I decided to take a peek at Russell Turner's (aka Bassman's) blog and to my horror he described getting a letter from Getty Images and how they wanted him to pay big bucks for his unauthorised use of a photo of theirs on his blog in 2010 - you can read his blog here and find out how he dealt with their bully boy tactics.

However, it did make me think, cos I've used a few advertorial type photos that I took off websites, like Amazon or newpaper articles and I also remember getting a warning from author Nicola Morgan about how careful you have to be.

Panic mode took over!

I have now wasted most of my Sunday morning going through my 747 posts to take out anything that I didn't take or could be a problem. It took ages. And I did this instead of writing my poem that I should have written by now and which needs to be in tomorrow. Yes, I know it should've been written days ago (like Bassman did on the day I gave him the assignment), but I'm still staring at the photo I'm going to use and looking for divine inspiration.

Oh yes, and I have had quite a busy week mainly because my electronic diary went a touch awol again, this time when I transferred to my new MacBook Air, and I discovered I was supposed to attend meetings and supervise someone only getting alerted to the missing dates the day before they were happening when I'd already accepted other invitations. All's well tho as I managed to cancel the accepted things (apart from one game of bowls where I was standing in for someone) and get to do all the things I was supposed to do with much rushing up and down the road in my speedy little car.

Yesterday was grandson time as Mountain Man's daughter brought his grandson, Nathan, over from Glasgow for a visit. We had a lovely lunch at Jamie Oliver's and then, while they all went and spent the afternoon at Camera Obscura courtesy of a free pass from No. 2 Son who works there and which I felt would be too crowded for a six month old pup, Vespa and I went for the better training option of going in and out of shops instead.

Nathan with his red nose

I thought I'd finish with a pic of Vespa, who's now six and a half months old and a real chunky boy. He weighs more at his age than Odi did when she left at 15 months even though he's not as big length or height-wise as she was at that age, he's just solid dawg!

Mr Chunky... I'll leave it to you to guess which one I'm talking about!


  1. Mountain Man will not comment on the final photo on the grounds he might incriminate himself. It's a pretty good squat though :)