Saturday, 21 February 2015

Like the curate's egg...

... today was good in parts.

First of all what a beautiful day! The sun shining, blue skies, cold... yes... but perfect to be out walking in.

Mountain Man went off yesterday to do his winter skills training with Borders Search and Rescue for the weekend somewhere near Aviemore, so it was just Lazy Boy and me. The day started off very well, what with the weather and all, but then when I went for a shower Vespa decided to start destroying the kitchen furniture. To be honest I think I was lucky it was only the wooden bench. He's so lazy he couldn't be bothered to get up from his bed and seemed to go for the thing he could reach the easiest. I was, however, not best pleased. The bench is now covered in Vick to ward off further dog attacks.

Then, for the first time ever, Vespa wouldn't come in from the garden and I realised he's now, at just about to be 6 months old, become a real adolescent. Odi was a dreadful teen and I don't suppose he'll be much better. Ah well.

I put my not pleasedness behind me and Vespa and I set out for Harestanes near Jedburgh. We had a fantastic walk where he was very well behaved and then made a visit to one of my favourite people at Harestanes, Caroline Marr, who I bought a lovely purple purse from. From there we went to St. Boswells and paid a visit to Mainstreet Trading Company to buy some cheese and truffle oil from the deli before heading to the cafe for a sandwich for lunch. Vespa was very well behaved even though we had people coming up to us and demanding to speak to him.

We went home via Scott's View, which if you haven't seen you ought to. On such a beautiful day the view is absolutely spectacular (which this photo gives you a teeny glimpse of) and was a brilliant place to stand and contemplate.

Scott's View

After a bit of housework Vespa and I went off to Gordon Community Woodland for another walk because we're due snow tomorrow and if we're going to be stuck at home I wanted to make sure we both had good time outside today. And here's where, for another first, Vespa's adolescence kicked in. A couple of dogs chased up to us and, unlike before, he wouldn't come back when I whistled. He came in the end, but I was disappointed. His recall has been so good up to now and I suppose it's to be expected as he pushes the boundaries.

Our Saturday night has been pretty relaxed with us both curling up and having cuddle time together, which has been lovely. Some things just don't change!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Vespa is growing up! At least you're ready for it!

    1. In some ways, but he now weighs in at 24.5 kgs, which is exactly the same as Odi was when she left at 15 months. Not just 'Lazy Boy', now 'Lazy Chunky Boy' and being dragged around puppy class by that is no joke!