Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It could be worse

Just when I thought Spring was in the air after quite a few gorgeously sunny, blue sky days, today it went all gray and gloomy and cold again. Yuck.

Monday was just unbelievable, but sadly I had to go to Perth for a meeting. I left home at 9am and made it to my meeting at 1pm with just 10 minutes to spare, but the train journey, delayed though it was, was glorious with spectacular views as we went over the Forth Road bridge and along the Firth. It took just as long to get home and I didn't get back until 8pm - though I have to admit arriving in Edinburgh at just after 5pm isn't the time to be getting in my car and travelling home, so I did a teeny bit of shopping before getting my car.

Yesterday Mountain Man was on ambulance observation duty while Vespa and I enjoyed our day together going for walks along the railway line and to the Post Office in Kelso. I won't relate the bad management stories that MM came back with - that is directives from on high not the ambulance service itself - but suffice it to say, sadly not much has changed since I worked in the NHS.

So today, in the midst of the murk, I took myself off to Old Lady Badminton to see how my fitness programme was affecting a) my knee and b) my general fitness. The answer to the former is, well slightly and to the latter, definitely. At least all that walking about with my Fitbit on to check on the amount of steps I do in a day has motivated me and not been a waste of money. The only thing I have to be careful of is doing 2 hours of badminton on my damaged cartilage was a touch stupid and I ended up feeling quite sore at the end, though I did win all my games. Still, I've got a bowls match tonight, so a bit of walking on it might help stretch it out a bit.

From the forecast it looks like the murk is with us until at least the end of the week and getting colder too, but I shouldn't complain too much, I could be in my mother's position, where she's been full of the cold for the last week and then was involved in a credit card scam that left her really stressed. If all I have to worry about is the weather I think I'm doing pretty fine.

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