Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dinner out

Last night I was taken out to Chapters in Gattonside for a lovely Valentine meal by Mountain Man accompanied by Vespa who was out for his first ever dinner engagement.

MM had booked the table and checked it was ok to take Lazy Boy and when we got there we were put at a table right in the middle of the floor. I was really concerned that Vespa might be in the way lying out in the floor, a ready recipe for disaster and so we were moved to a much more appropriate corner table where I spread his little mat for him to lie on. I relaxed after that.

Vespa behaved truly perfectly and only wagged his tail when a waitress came near, but didn't move at all. We (and all the staff and punters) were very impressed.

Vespa doing a great job of practising being a proper Guide Dog

The meal was delicious. We were given a complimentary glass of fizz each on arrival and I got a chocolate heart. As MM doesn't drink alcohol I scored his. Yum! He did get 3/4 of my chocolate though. I tried it but a yucky strawberry filling was just too much for me, so MM gallantly stepped in to the breach.

It was a lovely evening and a chance to put on some glad rags and glam up a bit - I even straightened my hair! I tried to take a selfie, but I really don't know how those people who take them all the time manage. I'm obviously not very good at it as you can see from the photo:

Jeez, how on earth do those celebrities take selfies and make themselves look good?

Still, it gives you some idea of what I looked like, though I swear my feet really aren't that big!


  1. Very glam! Vespa looks all grown up!

    1. Doesn't he just. And don't you just love the glam mess that is my bedroom!

    2. Reminiscent of your visits here!:-0