Sunday, 8 February 2015

As promised...

... a photo of Vespa in his Guide Dog puppy uniform and doesn't he look just the part!

'C'mon then Mum, let's get on with the shopping'

What's really interesting is that he actually seems to behave much better with his coat on and seems to realise he's not supposed to interact with people and to keep an eye and ear on what I want him to do.

He's grown so much recently that today we decided he could no longer fit in the footwell in the front of Mountain Man's car and so, with a hefty heave from us, he clambered into the back and seemed to be reasonably happy with his new travel accommodation. He was quite entranced with the rear window wiper, but sadly I didn't get a pic of that. Instead you'll have to make do with this rather cute image:

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