Saturday, 7 February 2015

Another week, another round-up

Last week? What can I say? It came and went just like that.

I had to go to a meeting in London on Monday so went down on Sunday so I wasn't rushed. Lucky in some ways as the train was 80 minutes late, something I couldn't have afforded to be if it had been the same on the Monday. And it gave a chance for Vespa to see a train for the first time. He wasn't at all bothered, far too lazy for that.

Waiting for the train at Berwick-upon-Tweed

Mountain Man and he stood on the platform and waved me off and then went to try out the beach for a bit of fun. Apparently Vespa loved the seaweed and hardly noticed the sea at all.

After a (thank goodness) nothing to report time in London, I came back on Tuesday, luckily missing out on the Guide Dog puppy training class, which MM said was hell. Vespa, instead of being Lazy Boy, worked himself up into a frenzy by standing on 2 legs for most of the class wanting to play with his puppy friends and then pooing on the floor and finally losing 2 teeth and bleeding all over everyone. MM took him home well before the end and then came to meet me at the station. By that time Vespa was back to his calm, Lazy Boy self, whereas I don't think I could say the same for MM... calm I mean, not lazy! Still, Vespa was given his Guide Dog jacket and now really looks the part - though no photos as yet, I'm afraid, as when he has it on I've either been too busy to take pics or not had my phone on me.

Wednesday was another work day and I had to scoot into Edinburgh. I took Vespa with me and he was brilliant. I think the activity of the day before had its effect and he was calm as anything and just lay there in true Lazy Boy style while I was at my meeting. I rushed home from there in a panic as I'd realised my new poetry course (the intriguingly entitled: Write What You Don't Know - research, writing and the apparently confessional) first assignment was supposed to be in on Thursday and due mainly to problems with my previous internet provider I'd not even downloaded the assignment. The rest of Wednesday went by in a flurry of scribbled lines and torn up paper.

Thursday arrived and still no poem written. I took Vespa over to Lynne's in Tweedbank so he could have a play with his pal Tweedy. They had a great time though Vespa lost another tooth and bled all over Tweedy, who's the same colour as Odi so it showed up big time! He was exhausted by the time we came home, which gave me another chance to have a go at the poetry assignment. I'm really pleased to say that I managed a somewhat crap poem, but to have got anything written before the deadline was a plus. I just know I'll be hiding behind my hands come feedback time. Ah well.

Friday was retirement day, as in I had no work that needed immediate attention so I took time out and took Vespa for a lovely walk in the morning and then went to bowls in the afternoon. I ended up playing pairs and started out at the negative end of what looked like it was going to be a trouncing - we were losing 0-9 - but miraculously came back to win 15-14. I don't think either my partner nor me, nor our opposition knew quite how that happened. To celebrate I opened a lovely bottle of red wine and watched the finals of the Allotment Challenge and to be honest I probably had one glass too many, which has left me feeling worse for wear today, so today is definitely time out time and will be spent doing not much at all.

I promise a photo of Vespa in his new coat tomorrow.

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